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Workshop 8: Coaching Time with Emma & Sam

28th August 2019

Enjoy these thirty minutes of prophetic coaching from Emma and Sam in response to some of the questions you’ve asked us over the summer.

Some of the topics and questions they cover in this video are:

How should prophets speak? Should we tone our language down, to sound less determined, perhaps? Should we communicate our prophetic words as suggestions rather than statements, in order to be more palatabe?

How do we, as prophets and prophetic people, relate to pastors and apostles, for example?

When is it OK to make decrees and declarations without consulting someone else first? Can we do this on our own, on ‘the spur of the moment’? When should we discuss our prophesies with someone else first?

What happens when you give a word to your own church, with timescales, that then doesn’t seem to come to pass as you and everyone else expected? What’s that all about?! How do we navigate our emotions in the midst of this?

How does God feel about the end of things – for example when churches or ministries decline or close?

The importance of hearts that will covenant together – ‘covenanted tribal alignments

What would it look like if the church was not in a building but was in a nation?

Prophets and prophetic promises. Finally, in answering a lengthy question about a church’s thirty-year history of prophecy, Emma and Sam talk through issues around conditional prophecies and how churches should work through prophetic words.