We have great teaching available for you!

Dear Purple Company prayer group leaders,

We are delighted you are part of our network and know that in agreement and our locking of shields we are making a difference together.

The Purple Company is also designed to equip, teach and train you as leaders and your prayer groups. You have full access to a digital library and syllabus of teaching on-line. You are welcome to have your individual prayer group members access this training directly by giving them your access code OR you teach them from watching it for yourself. Either way PLEASE utilise this valuable resource. We want everyone on the same page and keeping up with the teaching as much as possible – that way we all grow together. 

Our aim is to post new material every month as a minimum.

Sarah-Jane shares about what we have for you in the training area.

This Month’s teaching is on the season we are now in as we have crossed over into the Hebrew Calendar year of 5780. It is key as prophetic intercessors that we know and understand the seasons we are in. This should help you navigate and work well with what the Spirit of God is doing.

Also, please look out for the upcoming link to the exclusive training from Watchman Prophet Jennifer le Claire for The Purple Co which will also soon be available to you……and an interview with Jennifer herself!

We bless you to hear and see all that God is revealing to you at this time. To lead well and to pull Heaven down with your prayers and decrees!

Together for the Kingdom!

Sarah-Jane Biggart

Leader of The Purple Company


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