Pray for London – Friday, 12th July

Dear prayer warriors 

Please pray for London with us on Friday 12th July. Our friend Suzanne Ferret at Passion for the Nation has co-ordinated some declarations over the city at this time of choosing a new national leader and as the destiny of Great Britain is fought over.

There are prayerful decrees Suzanne has worked on as follows to speak out every hour on 12/7/19.

Please join us where you are if you can to decree over London God’s truth for the city and so the nation. 

06:00 – Vision

We thank You for every aspect of Godly inheritance in London, for its significance and influence on the world stage, and for the works of Your Spirit which it has birthed, shaping this nation and influencing the world. Lord, even as this is a new season, we stand on the prayers, the repentance, the worship and the work of many across this city in recent months, and we decree and declare Your Majesty, Your Glory and Your Kingdom will burst upon this city, that the Name of Jesus will be lifted higher than any other name, and God’s Presence dwell, transforming atmospheres, communities, spheres and individual lives.
We bless every work of Your Spirit in this capital city that You have appointed for this time, and in the Name of Jesus, we speak increase, multiplication and acceleration.
Now Lord, we come into agreement with Your word in Psalm 126:6 , ‘those who sow with tears willreap with songs of joy …’ and we decree and declare, this is the time for a season of great harvest, a harvest of righteousness and a harvest of souls across this capital city of the United Kingdom – LONDON

07:00 – Worship

We thank You for the worship centres and the houses of prayer Your Spirit is birthing across this city at this time. We declare the song of the victory of Jesus will resound across London, changing atmospheres and touching lives, that the sound of worship will be heard over every success, challenge and failure.
We declare as the Children of God put their eyes upon Jesus, they will be lifted above every situation and circumstance, that new joy and new strength will come upon them and the momentum of Your Spirit will overcome every spirit of weariness and fear, and we decree a new season of purpose for Your people within this city is being released.
We decree Your people in this city will come into agreement with Your word, “to seekfirst the Kingdom of God” both in prayer and in lifestyle. We declare Your people will arise as kings and priests, and the worshipping warriors will arise; that we will come before the courts and throne of Heaven to intercede for this land, that we will receive strategies to cut through and we will take hold of Your Rhema word, which is the sword of the Spirit, to decree and declare Your purposes.

08.00 – Church

We honour and we celebrate all that’s been done in past times by Your people in this city, church planting,  mission, transformation and social care, but we declare this is a new day.
We decree and declare that in this day Your people across London will rise-up into the fullness of who You have made them to be. We declare the ecclesia will arise, the reformers take their places in every borough, and the spiritual watchman be positioned and established over very place where people gather.
We speak Your anointing upon the churches, that Your people will take hold of all Your Spirit is doing and that new wineskins will emerge, equipping and releasing Your people as a fresh building anointing comes upon them in every sphere of society.
In the Name of Jesus, we speak shift and turnaround that unity will replace disunity; love replace fear and encounters with Jesus replace religion.
We decree and declare a fresh alignment with Your Kingdom purposes of bringing salvation to individuals and transformation into our communities and worlds.Psalm 133:1

09:00 – Harvest

“I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest”
John 4:35
Lord, we thank You for Your anointing upon every one of us…’ to preach good tidings to the poor…’
In the Name of Jesus, we call forth salvations, we call forth Jesus centred conversations, we call forth healings & miracles, dreams and visions. We declare over London, grace and truth come through Jesus Christ and we speak the revelation of Jesus into the lives of individuals, families, communities and all cultures. We declare this is the time for the harvest of souls across this city, and we declare London will not miss its day of visitation. We declare the love of God, and the grace of God will become openly visible beyond buildings and church meetings, onto the streets of every community, regardless of ethnicity or culture.
Lord, we declare across London Your people will be united in purpose, that Your desire for the fullness of Your love, from Your people and between Your people, will be released; melting, overwhelming, saturating and spreading throughout the city.

10:00 – Leaders

Lord, we thank You for the history of London, for the leaders it produced who worked, fought and died for the values and truths of Christian civilization, but now we release new ways of thinking  and the power of the Kingdom of God into Your people in this city. This is the day when You are rebuilding foundations, and we call forth the 5-fold ministers and we call forth the new leaders You are releasing for today, irrespective of age, ethnicity or gender.
We decree and declare, all positions of influence and gateways of our society focused and based within the boundaries of London, will be filled with those who see, speak and act according to Your plans and purposes and we declare the voice of Your wisdom will be heard above every other voice. Proverbs 8:3
We come into agreement with Your word in Daniel 2:20, that ‘Wisdom and power belong to You’ and we thank You that Your Sovereign counsel is available to all men.  In the Name of Jesus, we declare Righteousness, Justice and Kingdom solutions into every void, lack and confusion.

11.00  – Local Government

We thank You Lord, for the expectation that people are treated justly – economically, educationally and socially. We thank You for those who are concerned about issues from housing, healthcare, the homeless, the hurting to the environment, and in the Name of Jesus, we speak alignment with the heart of God for this city.

We praise You for those of Your people You have been preparing and training to lead in this season, for the vision they will carry, for the Glory that will rest upon them and the doors which will open before them. In the Name of Jesus, we call them from the hidden places into positions of influence in this land. We declare from social services to education, from the arts to government, this city will have the leaders You have gifted, called and prepared for this time.  
We declare righteousness, honesty and integrity will become the hallmarks of every aspect of Government, national and local, and all financial institutions, businesses and society within this capital city. We declare every significant seat of power in London will be filled by those appointed by You, those who will establish Your purpose, shifting this city, and hence this nation towards its God given destiny.

12.00 – Parliament

“No longer will they call your land Desolate, but you will be called Hephzibah (my delight is in her) and Your land Beulah (married)” Isaiah 62: 4

We declare Your people will stand in the assurance that Your love, Your word and Your covenant with us will never fail, and in the flow of Your purposes for London at this time.
We decree and declare that Natural Government and Sovereignty, judicial and legislative, will acknowledge that God is the true Judge, Lawgiver and King.
In this day as the wind of Your Spirit is blowing across our political system,we decree and declare in the UK Parliament and every London Constituency, the government of the Kingdom of God will be established over and above every other rule and dominion, every old alignment of power, of greed and of a political spirit, that justice, righteousness and Kingdom plan will rise above personal preference, political gain and every other agenda.
We decree the new Prime minister will be the person You have appointed for this season supported by ministers, advisors and civil service personnel who carry Kingdom purpose and plan. We declare Your wisdom will both guide them and keep them from every strategy of the enemy and that Your favour will surround them.

13:00 Supreme Court and Justice System

We thank You for all that has been done in London in previous times that Your righteousness and justice is displayed, and we decree this is the time for a re- awakening of Kingdom values within our justice system – that from the Houses of Parliament & Supreme Court to our arbitration services, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and the sanctity of Human life will be established according to Gods laws and Gods precepts. That as Jesus gave the church the Great Commission, so we declare the church in London will be free to follow its God given call.
Even as these freedoms are a God given inheritance in this land, in the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare they will be set and protected by the legislative and judicial institutions of our capital city. In this awakening season, we decree and declare a turning of every ungodly precedent set.

We pray specifically for those in the high places of our justice system, and we call forth Your truth and Your precepts in their innermost being.

14.00 –City of London, The Stock Exchange and Finance

‘for it is he who gives you the power to get wealth’ Deuteronomy 8:18
We acknowledge the ability to create wealth comes from You, trade is approved and sanctioned by You and we put our trust in You. In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare through the financial centres of London, wealth will be created, stewarded and distributed according to Kingdom values, purpose and priorities; that in the days ahead righteousness and integrity will be the real and active working practise. We declare a shift in the Name of Jesus.
Lord, we thank You for all the industries, businesses and technologies that have been birthed within this city. We speak into the streets and communities of today, into the shopping centres and business parks, and we declare jobs will be created, businesses will prosper and entrepreneurs will be released.
We call forth all those You have anointed to contribute in various and diverse ways to the economy of this city, from the Chairman of the Bank of England,  to  the CEOs, and from ministers to treasury officials, we declare the philanthropists will arise and we call forth those called to social enterprise, and the increase of charitable business.

15.00 – Streets of London.

We come into agreement with God’s word in Romans 13:1 Letevery soul be subject to the governing authorities we decree and declare in this city streets will be safe, communities secure and the lives of individuals unhindered by fear or violence.
Even as Your word states, ‘my people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.’ Isaiah 32:18
We declare righteousness and peace will increase upon the streets of London overwhelming every spirit of violence, hatred and murder, that as Your Spirit moves, crime figures of all kinds will decrease irrespective of regional, financial or social demographics, ethnicity or religious belief. We stand as Your Ekklesia, and specifically over the increase of violent crime in this city, over the rise of gang culture, and over the effects of addictions and family breakdown, we speak a turning in the Name of Jesus.

We thank You for all those You have called to physically watch over our streets, our communities, airports and all places where people gather in this amazing city, police, security services and all emergency services. In the Name of Jesus, we declare they will be supported by prayer, protected by wisdom and honoured by community. 

16.00 – Either – the Royal Family and Families

We declare Your desire that this city and this nation display Your Kingdom and Your Kingship.

We thank you for the life of our Queen, Elizabeth II, celebrate the wisdom that she carries, her heart for You, for her people and for the grace and commitment with which she carries out her duties.
Lord You bless us that we might bless others and so in the Name of Jesus, we speak blessing over the Queen’s life. We speak health, strength and long life to her and that You would surround her with honour as with a shield. We speak boldness and increased wisdom, that many will be drawn to her in these days.

We bless the family with the revelation of the Knowledge of God, that faith and hope in Jesus Christ will be a lasting legacy within our Royal family.  We decree in this nation, royal role models of righteousness will be established and we cry out for divine encounters with the glory of God within the royal households.

In this city that ‘mothers the world’ we declare stable, healthy families will again become a foundation of society. We declare a fresh level of wisdom and leadership to husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, grandparents, foster parents and carers, that strong and loving homes will be established in this day. Proverbs 24:3
We declare as revival and awakening are released, health and healing will come to marriages and parent-child relationships, wholeness to children, and the power of Your love will bring change and transformation. 


16.00 – Children

 ‘He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers’  Malachi 4:6

We declare children are a gift from You, so in the Name of Jesus, we declare in this city children will be safe and secure, loved, enjoyed, and protected, that everything You have put within them will be released and encouraged, irrespective of family background and experience; they will grow in favour with God and man.
We declare across this city, a fresh excitement for the fullness of Your word in their lives will be imparted to children and young people as those carrying fresh revelation and creative
ideas cause it to be taught with life and depth, accessible and life changing.

We declare a new spirit of love and co-operation will rest upon all generations to work together and we call forth the spiritual mothers and the spirituals fathers, in the Name of Jesus.
Now Lord, we decree and declare the education system of London, will be fit for Kingdom purpose, aligned and shaped by the foundations of Your word. We declare in every community, irrespective of ethnicity or social background, schools and colleges will teach and equip in an atmosphere of peace and acceptance, that the ability, gift and call You have put within them will be drawn out and released.

17.00 – Transformation

In past seasons, this city has birthed, individuals and movements who have touched and transformed the culture around them. We declare a new generation of children and young people is arising who will encounter Jesus, be impacted by His radical love and run with radical obedience to God’s Spirit. We declare they will be voices of hope to their peers, to their families and to their worlds.  

We declare in this day, when God is releasing a new pioneering anointing upon His people, the power of the Kingdom will touch every dark place in this city.
We declare those called to bring transformation to the hard places will carry God given vision, love and compassion into every deprived area.
We declare, streets and communities, even no-go areas will be transformed by the light of the gospel, and we declare in this season, nothing is impossible to You. We release the revelation of Jesus to the long term unemployed, the disadvantaged, the addicted, dysfunctional families, and those from other nations struggling to find their place. We declare those in true need will be identified and supported, in Jesus Name.
We decree and declare God given love, identity and purpose will overwhelm every spirit of rejection, victimization, hatred, violence, suicide and death.

18.00 – Vision

Even as London is the city which aligns time for the world, we decree and declare this city will come into God given timing, that every blessing of God for this season will be released. We speak a shift in the Name of Jesus. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Even as the winds of God’s Spirit blow from north to south and east to west, we declare the fullness of the revival and awakening You desire for this amazing capital city will be released.
We speak blessing, increase and acceleration to that which has already begun, to the fires of God’s Spirit which are burning, to the strategies which are being shaped and released, and to the new anointings and callings coming upon Your people.
We decree and declare across this city, Your people will carry and model Your message of reconciliation and unity with power and sensitivity, that all communities divided through religion, culture, social status and political opinion will be healed in Jesus Name.
We declare a turning, that those who have known and loved You in the past seasons, will return to You as Your grace and Your love overwhelm every foolishness, disillusionment and despair, and fresh encounters with Jesus will restore and position them for the days ahead.
We praise You for all the seeds which have been sown, and we declare they will bring forth life, and we declare this is a time for the sound of the gospel of Jesus to be heard across this land.

O Zion, You whom bring good tidings, Get up into a high mountain, …lift up your voice with strength, Lift it up, be not afraid…
Say to this city ‘ behold Your God’ 

Isaiah 40:9


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