Sarah-Jane Biggart

Leader, The Purple Company

Sarah-Jane Biggart leads The Purple Company. The network has been launched, is based in and is supported by Glasgow Prophetic Centre. It is associated to the Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN), founded by the late C. Peter Wagner and now led by Rebecca Greenwood and her husband Greg (Colorado Springs, USA). These connections provide all The Purple Company networked groups the opportunity to access the latest in weighty prophetic revelation and Biblical wisdom on the subject of spiritual warfare and teaching on intercession.

Sarah-Jane is Assistant Director of Glasgow Prophetic Centre and has been with the ministry in leadership since 2009. Her passion is to see nations transformed through prayer and Kingdom strategies in all areas of influence. She is a lover of Jesus and carries His heart for the nations. She loves to war in the Spirit and is a Seer-Prophet who understands the authority we have in Christ through His name and His blood.

Sarah-Jane has worked closely with Emma Stark for almost a decade and travels with her internationally, prophesying and praying in nations and cities as God leads, in order to bring freedom and transformation. Her role as leader of The Purple Company extends to sitting on ‘spiritual boards’ effecting Kingdom reformation. Sarah-Jane also sits with Emma on the Prophetic Roundtable for Europe, ‘Europe Shall Be Saved’ and the Global Prophetic Gathering.