Interview with Emma Stark

Dear Amazing Purple Company!

Recently I was hearing these words repeatedly in the spirit realm:


Psalm 29

Then, during group worship that same day, I saw the glory clouds of God descending in the room. I saw fire in the dark clouds manifest in the spirit realm around us, with Heaven’s living creatures within the clouds. I then heard the Spirit of God say that this was our place of habitation, where Heaven and Earth converge together. I heard these words:


Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It truly is!

As the people of God we need to recognise that this is completely new era on the earth and for the ecclesia (church) of God. How we navigated the spirit realm before – how we prayed, looked and heard our intercession and battle strategies – has changed, and continues to change at pace.

We have to first seek the face of the Lord and His Kingdom before anything and get lost, saturated and then immersed in His glory.

I am so pleased we are on this journey together.

What’s God saying to Intercessors and Watchmen in this new time?

It was my joy to interview our own Emma Stark, Director of Glasgow Prophetic Centre, this week. I was keen to ask her what she has been hearing God say (specifically to the intercessors and watchmen) for this new time that we are in.


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