Exclusive Interview with Jennifer LeClaire

Dear Purple Company 

I am delighted to share this interview I did recently with Jenifer LeClaire. She is a wonderful teacher and equipper as well as a Watchman Prophet with much experience. This will give you a flavour and wet your appetite for her teaching.

Jennifer has written over fifty books many on the theme of prayer and spiritual warfare. I encourage you to check them out. Most available on Amazon. I found her book on water spirits super helpful on a recent prayer assignment and am currently reading another. We are always learning and should never feel we ‘know it all’ – we don’t! Until we occupy every territory God has given us and all giants are dealt with in the nations we are all needing to glean and discern from Holy Spirit as well as do our own Bible Studies and learn from from those  who have done Bible studies in specific  areas, like Jennifer and Becca Greenwood.

Bless you in your learning and be encouraged -we are all going from glory to glory! 

Please also check out The Purple Company training day with Jennifer and watch each section. My session is very specific and practical about how to approach running your prayer watches. I hope you find it all helpful. 

Please do feedback! 

Together for His Kingdom,

Sarah-Jane Biggart

Leader of The Purple Company


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