Dear Friend and Purple Company member,

I am praying this finds you and your teams all well in body and spirit!

These are not the days to hang back or slow down the prayer response in the nations. We need to keep decreeing and declaring God’s word through prophetic intercession. Keep advancing!

There is a fatigue that many of you will be feeling as the battle has been long and it is important that we are wise in the ‘how’ we pray, the process of prayer and scheduling our watches and prayer calls so that we do not burn out in this time.


The place of intimacy and rest with our beloved Jesus is where we should always start from. Not ‘What can I do?’ but ‘What are you doing Jesus?’ so we can move out with Him in prayer. Only ‘doing’ what we see Him do. We can easily go off kilter or trajectory if we don’t watch and wait in the intimate place of devotion to Jesus and we can quickly find ourselves moving in our own strength; tired and exhausted.


I believe God is asking us to ‘divide and conquer’ and have smaller groups of two or more to pray together – to hit the mark a number of times. This is in accordance with 2 Kings 13 when the Prophet Elisha tells the King Jehoash to strike the ground multiple times with arrows to have victory assured against his enemy. So for example if you have the same people meeting once a week in a large group – I believe the more effective strategy for this time that God is encouraging us in, is to split the group into smaller ones to strike the mark multiple times repeatedly throughout the week. To achieve this; leaders of each small group/ cohort will be needed to be identified within your groups and focus given to them – this is truly the time for replication. This would be in place of the traditional once a week prayer meeting.

You may be a small group and only have ability in numbers to have say two groups of three with two leaders – one for each group. That is great. Replicate what you can and strike repeatedly as you can.

In our context at GPC HQ in Glasgow we have multiple meets of prayer together for the ministry and the nation at different times and days of the week: these can be five to ten people or more in each – with two or three prayer leaders leading each session on rotation. We do all of these at present on Zoom as we can’t meet in person. In addition, we have a daily prayer for the leaders and ministry which is done by two or three people who get together over the phone to pray together. There are of course other methods you could employ but I hope this may give you some ideas to ‘Divide and Conquer’ in your context.

May God bless you with wisdom and revelation for how to replicate and be more effective as a team.


We had written to you a couple of months ago about supporting The Purple Company financially going forward with a small administration fee. Due to the World’s Covid Health Crisis and subsequent economic challenges many are facing, we have reviewed this and will no longer be asking for a fee.

Instead, we are asking that you would prayerfully consider a financial gift monthly or annually as a group or individually to the ministry and give as you are led by Holy Spirit.

You may not be in a position to give at all at this moment in time and if this is the case we would ask that you continue to be part of The Purple Company; and consider giving at a later date as you feel led and are able.

To clarify: You are welcome to stay part of The Purple Company whether you are able to give financially or not.

If you would like to give financially please click on this link:

Please do keep up to date with news by joining our private Purple Company Facebook Group and my public Facebook Page: Sarah-Jane Biggart @sarahjanebiggart10

We pray may the Lord bless and keep you and each one of your family and prayer teams. May His face shine upon each one of you and give you peace. May He inspire you by His Spirit to follow His lead in praying for the areas He has called you to and see Kingdom of God advancement in the Kingdom’s of this world UNTIL they become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ!

With love and blessings



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  1. Thankyou Sarah …. I have felt for a while that I should keep the numbers meeting small & just keep handing over leadership to those able to lead …. also increasing the frequency of meeting based on people’s timetables & commitments ….. this has given me some clarity on how to move forward now.