Workshop 1, Assignment 1
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Dealing with lack of boldness or courage

21st March 2019

Now that you’ve assessed your boldness levels – and then heard God about your true score – it’s time to deal with any lack you might have in the courage and boldness department.

Ask God:

Do I need to deal with low self-esteem, timidity, lack of courage or fear of man?

If so, it’s easy to deal with this, with God’s help. Just three easy steps that Holy Spirit will take you through.

REPENT: repent of partnering with any of these issues related to timidity or lack of boldness. For example:

“Jesus, I repent of fearing man. I am sorry for the times when I disobeyed you because I was more afraid of man’s opinion (insert your own repentance here). I am choosing now to be bold and courageous around my fellow men and women.”

RENOUNCE: renounce this part of your life or character. For example:

“I renounce every part of fear or timidity that has had a grip on me. I recognise that the only good fear is the righteous fear of the Lord God Almighty. I refuse to partner with a spirit of fear from now on. I declare the truth over my life that I am loved perfectly by Father God and that perfect love casts out all fear.”

CAST OUT: now get rid of anything demonic that has harrassed or oppressed you in this area. Cast it out of you. You can use words like, ‘Spirit of fear, you have no place in my life, I rebuke your influence over my life and cast you out of me now, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Now welcome in the peace of the Holy Spirit, to fill every part of you that has been fearful, timid or lacking in boldness.

You can use your own words and add to them – it’s not a formula!

Well done – you just got more free! Praise God.