An Interview with Our Leader of the GPC House of Prayer – Rose Nyoni

I am delighted to introduce you to our wonderful, anointed leader of our House of Prayer here at GPC. Rose Nyoni is a prayer warrior and ferocious with it! But above all she is a lover of Jesus. It has been our privilege to build the House of Prayer as God has orchestrated our steps, brought team members who love to pray and build individual prayer watches together.

The vision God has given us is a 24/7 House of Prayer and Worship. We are building as He leads us and taking each step with Holy Spirit. We are not interested in filling timetables in man’s efforts but only by the spirit of God.

We have prayer watch leaders and various numbers of people who join in the multiple watches we have here from 3 to over 20 at a time depending on the particular watch and the stage of it’s development.

We have found that when beginning a new prayer watch it is crucial to have a committed leader and at least one (or two) others working with them to begin the new watch and set the pace. Working in two’s in always preferable because two oxen can plough a field more effectively and you can ‘bounce’ off each other, back and forth! There is such a joy when you find the synchronicity in the spirit and even move physically together with your eyes closed! Often Rose and I have been marching up and down the prayer room carpet in our socks at exactly the same time and rhythm or
rocking back and forth without realising it! Moving as one by and in the Spirit of God. You know you are truly in sync then!

We hope you will be blessed with these nuggets. We aim to bring more ‘top tips’ for you. We will be having Q and A sessions soon on our Purple Company Facebook Page so please be making a note of your questions for then!

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Together for the Kingdom!


Leader, The Purple Company


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